What is XR?

There is some debate about what “XR” stands for, but at Atmos, we call it “Extra Reality” because that is exactly what it does: XR creates extra dimensions of reality for consumer lifestyle offerings, and is fast becoming a global phenomenon.

Real-world digital dimensions of experiential and sensory multimedia, bridging cyber with physical systems across end-to-end, distributed customer journeys and experiences.

Internet of Things (IoT) Experience Apps that create seamless, sensory stimuli effects like Temperature, Images, Smell, Rhythm, Position, Location, Motion, Balance, & Vibration.

Identification and anticipation of customers on designed journeys and experiences with control of content, multimedia, and entertainment.

XR may use smartphones, wearables, and/or augmented reality integrated with IoT.


ATMOS delivers XR as a Service

XR services from ATMOS enable rapid distribution of incredible cyber-physical offerings to your customers as part of a holistic digital strategy:


Full Stack XR Applications powered by our AI-enabled edge computing bots…delivered and paid for transactionally, or as a part of a recurring subscription.


ATMOS brings together an incredible team of industry and technical experts with deep experience in consumer lifestyle, omnichannel fulfillment, and cloud-based media streaming. (Read More About the ATMOS Team Here)

Data and Markets

A true “digital twin” of physical markets and ecommerce transactions that integrate with social graphs, cryptocurrencies, and enables actionable insights from big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


ATMOS XR as a Service means:

  • Turn-Key XR Killer Apps with No App Downloads, No Bluetooth, No Wifi
  • A.I.-Powered Edge/Fog Computing Capability
  • Service Orientation and Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Personalized Journeys and Experiences
  • Micro-Transactional Retail Marketplace
  • Enhanced Physical Security with People Tracking and Access Control
  • Distributed Cyber Security
  • XRID-Powered Semantics & Cyber-Physical Context
  • Trust and Multimedia Distribution
  • Trusted Brands for the Quality Customers Expect
  • Patent-Pending “Trap Door” Trust Chain Reservation Architecture Locks ATMOS From Network Devices
  • Traditional Currency, Privilege (Air Miles), or Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Ready for Market
  • Patent-Pending Graphs Approach Merge Social and Device Data
  • ATMOS Possesses Three XR and Extra Reality Services Trademarks